Crater Lake, Mount Ruapehu ,New Zealand

Address -: Crater Lake, Mount Ruapehu ,Manawatu-Wanganui– New Zealand 

From the grandeur of ancient forest, to alpine herb fields and volcanic landscapes, Tongariro National Park boasts a number of excellent walking tracks and climbing experiences. The exciting volcanic nature of this area has always been a key visitor attraction as well as, of course, snow on the mountains in the winter time.

The Mt Ruapehu Crater Lake has got to be one of the best one day hikes you can do! You will view the largest Crater Lake on New Zealand’s active Mt Ruapehu volcano. Remember you are on a mountain and weather can change very fast so even in the middle of summer be prepared to get a bit chilly. There is no track up here and if the weather closes in you will want to have and be able to use a map and compass... There are local guided options available to make this adventure more accessible and safer.

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