Sillans Waterfall ,Sillan la Cascade ,France

Address -: Cascade de Sillans Waterfall ,Sillan-la-Cascade ,Department Var, Provence-Alpes-Cote d Azur ,France

Cascade de Sillans is a waterfall in France. The waterfall is located in the town Sillan-la-Cascade, department Var. The river La Bresque plunges down over 44 meter creating a scenic waterfall. It is mentioned as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in France and is one of the major tourist attraction in the region Var.
Sillans La Cascade (literally Sillans, the waterfall; I've also seen it spelled with hyphens like Sillans-La-Cascade as well as referred to as La Cascade de Sillans) is the name of both the pleasant double-barreled waterfall as well as the town just upstream from it.
This attractive waterfall featured dual parallel drops each with a height of a reported 44m
Even though there were numerous people who ignored the barricades and warning signs to gain access to the falls' base, the authorities had good reason to close the base due to three giant rocks atop the cliffs by the waterfall that could fall at any moment. So if you do decide to go into the forbidden area, please realize the risk being taken and that ultimately you are responsible for your own decisions and the safety of yourself and of those you might have brought with you.

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