Bokong falls ,Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

Address -: Bokong falls , Off the main road into town, Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

Bokong Falls is one of Sagada’s known cascades. Located within a cultivated area bordered with rice terraces and stands of pine trees, its a small waterfall with two surges of water. What it lacks in height, which drops to just around 20 feet, it makes up for its deep natural pool good for swimming.
The water is less colder than Bomod-ok Falls but with a smaller basin. It’s quite accessible from the town, just about two kilometers of light trekking through the main road to Barangay Bangaan. Although nearer, there are no signages along the road that will indicate the small trail one has to take to reach this waterfall.
Not as impressive as the others in the area, like Bomod-ok Falls, this one can be a refreshing swim involving less effort in trekking.

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