Banatheertham Falls ,Tamil Nadu ,India

Address -: Banatheertham Falls ,Above The Karaiyar Dam, Tirunelveli ,Tamil Nadu ,India

Bana Theertham Falls in Tirunelveli District , Tamil Nadu shot to fame after the super hit song ‘Chinna Chinna Asai’ from the mega hit film ‘Roja’ was shot here in 1992. Since then they are popularly known as Roja Falls!

Bana Theertham, also called Vaanatheertham Falls or Karaiyar Falls, is where the Tamirapani River originates. These magnificent falls are deep within the Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve and lie above the Karayar Dam. These falls are definitely worth a visit because they thunder down with tremendous force, making for an awesome sight. Banatheertham Falls are perennial falls so you can find water all round the year. If you plan to stay there for a while carry snacks, food and water.  The best season to visit Roja Falls is during December-January when the weather is relatively cool. Visiting time is from 6am to 6pm and you will be charged an entrance fee.
If you are planning to visit Courtallam or nearby places. Don’t miss to take a shower in this natural treasure unfolding from great height and also enjoy the boat ride on the Dam surrounded by breath-taking mountains.

Best time to visit -: Dec - Jan

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