Aik Kalak waterfalls, Rinjani, Indonesia

Address -: Aik Kalak waterfalls, Rinjani, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

In terms of culture, Lombok Island is famous for its tribe called Sasak. However, travelers need also to explore other charms of the island, including the presence of a renowned hot spring called Aik Kalak Pengkereman Jembangan. Aik Kalak means “Air Mendidih” or boiling water, actually. As the name suggests, it is the place where tourists can enjoy bathing in comfortable warm water surrounded by nature.

Like other hot springs, Aik Kalak Pengkereman Jembangan is located in an open area. What makes it different is that it resides on the highland so the nuance becomes both cold and warm at the same time. The refreshing atmosphere of Rinjani Mountain and warm water of the hot spring would soothe everyone, for sure. Many stones reside on the pond, as well. They, somehow, become the best place to rest and sit during bathing. Visitors also use the stones to put their clothes and other belongings.

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