Recharge must be Rs 1500 in a year JioPhone refund

JioPhone early refund: Recharge must be worth Rs 1,500 in a year 

NEW DELHI: JioPhone users can get early refund of their deposit partially if they recharge their phone with a total value of Rs 1,500 in a year, a Jio channel partner said. 

Under the new condition set by Jio for the users, handset buyers can get refund of Rs 500 if they return the device in the first year, provided they have made recharge of Rs 1,500 during the year, he said. 

"Customers have the flexibility to reach the Rs 1,500 per year usage figure according to  .. convenience by choosing among the various tariff plans announced by the company," the channel partner said. 

Similarly, on return of the phone in the second year, the customer will get refund of Rs 1,000 and in the third year entire amount of Rs 1,500 will be refunded, he said.